Thank you for booking at our unique apartment. To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all guests, please read and adhere to the following rules and regulations:

1. Check-in/Check-out:

Check-in time on your arrival day starts at 3 pm, and maximum check-out time on your day of departure is at 12 pm noon. For every supplementary hour to the above schedule, there is a 20€/hour charge.

2. Damages:

Guests are responsible for any damages caused during their stay. Guests will be required to pay the price of their damages if judged necessary by the host.

3. Photoshoots and Filming:

Professional photoshoots and filming are not allowed without prior notice and strictly require an agreement signed between both parties for authorization and insurance .

4. Cleanliness:

We strive to maintain a clean and tidy environment. Please respect the property and keep it in the condition you found it.

5. Occupancy:

The maximum number of guests allowed is two, Please inform us in advance if you plan to have additional guests.

6. Noise:

You are in a residential building, Please be mindful of noise levels, especially in the evening during midweek. Respect our neighbors.

7. Smoking:

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the property. Please use designated outdoor smoking areas and dispose of cigarette butts properly.

8. Pets:

The apartment is not pet friendly, therefore they are unfortunately not allowed.

9. Security and Safety:

Do not lock the door from inside and leave the apartment without taking the keys with you. You won’t be able to open and enter. Always remember to take the keys with you if you go outside the apartment and shut the door.

10. Amenities:

If any object, or towels or bath robe is not found after your departure you will be charged the price of the disappearance.

11. Loss of personal belongings:

We are not responsible for the loss of any personal belongings or items left in the property.

By digitally accepting and signing in the checkout page, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by the rules and regulations outlined above. Failure to comply may result in additional payment charges, eviction from the property or legal action.